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Curing Gout Apnea

Posted in Health & Fitness on August 31st, 2007

Gout is a painful joint condition that is treatable and controllable. It is usually the result of a build up of uric acid in the body. When there is an excess of uric acid, the body must do something with it, so it deposits the uric acid wherever it can, forming as crystals in the joints. This is very painful, and can be pretty debilitating for many sufferers. You can imagine that this type of pain could cause a person to lose sleep, but for some, the issue becomes more serious. Some gout sufferers have problems with sleep apnea as well, and are searching for a way of curing gout apnea.

Sleep apnea on its own can go unnoticed, but it can be very problematic. The body is not breathing as it should at night, with short periods where a person may stop breathing all together.

Breathing usually resumes without the person knowing what happened, but this can have detrimental affects on the body. When it comes to gout, apnea may be an underlying reason, or might be the reason symptoms have worsened. Those with gout and apnea should consider a possible connection.

When a person has apnea and breathing problems, the body does not get the oxygen it needs on time, and carbon dioxide builds up in the body. Cells can not survive under those conditions, and they individually begin to die releasing purines as they do.

However, because the periods of where breathing stops are not too prolonged, this happens in small amounts each time, but when it does happen, the cell degeneration and death creates more purine.

This goes a long way towards raising uric acid levels within the body, and thus contributes to more crystal formation in the joints, and then of course, more gout pain.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, you should talk to your doctor about how to confirm your suspicions either way. If you find out that this is a problem for you, you might meet the diagnosis with some mixed feelings. It can be hard to accept that you are having breathing problems while sleeping, but it also means that you may have found the reason why your gout feels out of control, even if you are taking steps to eat a proper diet and are taking medications if prescribed.

In some cases, there are natural steps you can take to help with sleep apnea. If you are carrying extra weight, losing it can help. Some people find that staying away from anything that alters the body like painkillers or alcohol will also help control sleep apnea. Sleeping on your side rather than on your back can decrease incidences of sleep apnea. This is because the most common problem with apnea is a collapse of the throat and other parts of the airways, making lying on the back not a good idea. It is hard to know how you are sleeping at night, but going to sleep on your side with pillows behind your back to stop you rolling over can help.

When searching for methods of curing gout apnea and related problems, some doctors may suggest surgery for really bad cases. Gout is not the only problem associated with sleep apnea, and many are much more serious. Apnea sufferers can have a higher risk of stroke, heart problems, and even death while sleeping. If your doctor suggests surgery, discuss the seriousness of your case, and the benefits and risks of having the surgery. In some cases, it could save your life with the added benefit of lessening bouts of painful gout.

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