Great Gout Home Remedies That You Can Try Today

When eating a low purine diet that avoids the common gout triggers, taking your medications, and doing all you can to prevent gout attacks does not seem to be working for you, you can be left feeling frustrated with the effect this condition is having on your life. However, have you thought about taking a natural approach to treatment? There are some proven gout home remedies that you can try, and most of them are rather simple and very effective when other methods of relief seem to fail.

One very simple remedy can work wonders when you are in the midst of an attack and the pain is unbearable. Place a bag of ice on the effected joint to effectively help numb the pain and reduce the swelling, though you may have to reapply this as needed. To apply, use crushed ice put into a baggie and sealed, and then wrapped with a towel and placed over the joint. The towel is needed to stop the ice from ‘burning’ your skin. This has a numbing affect that helps with the pain for a time. You can leave it on for about ten minutes and then remove and repeat as needed.

A similar remedy that some sufferers find helpful is to alternate hot and cold on the joint, with submersion in cold and then hot water or by using an ice pack and heat pad. This can help lessen both pain and some swelling. Alternate the hot and cold every ten seconds for about five minutes - two or three times a day. Try adding some vinegar to the hot water.

Celery seed is another popular natural approach that many sufferers use to find relief. Celery see can be found in the form of a supplement, and is often used for a remedy for gout when other methods of controlling the condition are not working well, or may not be working at all. One of the very best things that celery seed can do for your gout symptoms is to help ease inflammation, which is part of the reason gout is so painful. Follow the supplement directions and see how it goes for you. You may need to take more, or less, depending on how it works in your system. Please note that celery seed may be dangerous for pregnant women, so make sure you talk with your doctor if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming so.

Another common gout home remedy is taking vitamin C. As with other medications, too much of this can have a detrimental effect, so discuss this option with your doctor before trying this remedy. You should never exceed 2,000 mgs a day, and for some people, even that is too much. Vitamin C works well for gout because it lowers levels of uric acid in the body, and helps prevent uric acid crystals from forming in your joints. It is best used as a preventative measure as once an attack is underway it probably won’t help much to reduce the pain.

There are plenty of other gout home remedies that gout sufferers have found to be helpful for both preventing and controlling gout attacks. However, it is important to check with your doctor before taking any home remedies to ensure they won’t react to any medications that you may already be taking.

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